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Meet Jaycee La Bouche...

The heart and soul behind Zen Laughter

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Jaycee can light up any room with her infectious joy and positive energy, it doesn’t take long before you are genuinely laughing in her company. But it hasn't always been that way ...

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Jaycee La Bouche
Founder & Director Zen Laughter 

Her background is uniquely compelling, having experienced burnout as a prison nurse and navigated the emotional challenges of being a family carer, Jaycee understands the impact of stress and brings genuine understanding and compassion to her work. Having also embarked on a 20-year journey of self-development training, she draws from an incredibly unique skillset that includes becoming a certified Laughter Yoga facilitator, Relax Kids coach, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master practitioner and stress management facilitator. Through her lived experienced as family Carer, Jaycee plays an active role as a volunteer and spokesperson for Carers UK. She is regularly invited to speak on panel discussions at conferences and participate in media campaigns to raise awareness and support for unpaid Carers.

As an experienced facilitator, Jaycee has delivered workshops for schools, prisons and addiction services. Her passion lies in sharing skills and techniques that have helped her overcome her struggles with her mental health and find joy amidst the chaos of life, reflecting her deep understanding of the critical role of well-being in both our personal and professional life. 

"Jaycee lives and breathes her work as a laughter coach. She oozes positivity and joy and this is infectious"

Marneta Viegas ~Founder and Director Relax Kids LTD

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