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Our workshops are delivered with joy and are suitable for all ages, abilities and languages. We use easy to follow steps and proven techniques that give incredible results.


Laughter for Carers

For many carers the act of laughing can be a challenge when feeling stressed, exhausted and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

This session is for Carers wanting to take a break from their caring responsibilities, release pent up tension and laugh their stress away.


Laughter for Elders

With a growing number of older people experiencing loneliness and lacking exercise, we've designed this session to help encourage gentle movement and add a sparkle to your day.  

Have fun and make new friends and increase vitality in this laughter wellness session for elders. Can be performed seated. 


LAUGHTER FOR Staff Wellbeing

Research shows that a happy, relaxed workforce not only helps improve productivity, but also  creates a positive working environment

and improves motivation.

Have a laugh with your colleagues

relax and rewire your mind for success in this engaging, uplifting, stress busting workshop


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